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LED Display

The history of LED Display begins in the East, when LED technology begins to establish itself in the market and offer the world of communication new ideas and solutions for business.

Using the expertise of experts in Digital Signage software and technicians specialized in the construction of structures and systems, the company has managed to structure a team capable of improving the communication strategy of companies, succeeding in the ambitious intent to propose LED displays with high visual impact. The differentiating factor of this entrepreneurial reality lies in its ability to design custom cabinets and, therefore, advertising devices of any size.

LED Wall indoor, outdoor and transparent

As a new form of dynamic advertising, the LED screen represents the present and future of communication. Depending on the merchandise category, the size of the store and the goal you want to pursue, the devices are fully customizable and can be placed both inside and outside a store.

In recent years the demand for LED screens for shop windows has increased considerably due to the positive effects that the installation of this product on shop windows can have. In fact, it will be possible to transmit messages even during the evening hours and when the activity is closed to the public.

Brightness and definition

As far as Indoor Ledwalls are concerned, companies will have the opportunity to improve the degree of involvement of passers-by by placing advertising screens on shop windows. The digitization of the shop windows will allow to lead the potential consumer towards a new and original shopping experience.

Opting for outdoor environments, instead, you can take advantage of the high brightness guaranteed by the LED billboards in order to make the brand perfectly visible and recognizable even from long distances.

Finally, the transparent LED Wall is an ideal solution for shop and car dealership windows, thanks to the combination of elegance and brightness. The depth of the interior environment is guaranteed by the transparency effect that generates, at the same time, a unique and original atmosphere. To get a clear idea of the price of a screen you can request a free quote without any obligation.

High Brightness Monitor

The cascade monitors represent the technological evolution of the LED panels. Ideal for setting up the windows of real estate agencies, these devices stand out from common LED backlit panels thanks to their ability to make the ads dynamic.

Thanks to the cascade monitorIn fact, it will be possible to show a video or different scrolling ads, so as to improve the degree of involvement of passers-by and show real estate proposals in sequence. Available in two different sizes (15.6″ or 21.5″), the liquid crystal monitors with cascade power supply represent a technological solution able to ensure greater visibility to the eyes of passers-by.

Our Services


We select the most suitable device for the customer based on available space and budget. For LED Wall projects, thanks to the specialized carpentry, we are able to make custom cabinets so that we can have a customized product.

Installation & Maintenance

After the inspection, useful to define the details of the project, the device is installed by specialized personnel. With regard to maintenance and technical assistance services, the department is able to intervene on site or remotely.

Consulting & Training

In addition to the design, installation and any maintenance service, LED Display offers extensive advice on how to use the product, so you can manage the device in total autonomy.

Advantages LED Wall

Custom Cabinet

LED Display is able to develop ad hoc projects thanks to the possibility to create cabinets of any size and, in this way, make the LED Wall fully customizable.

High brightness

All advertising devices made by LED Display guarantee high brightness so that the brand is visible even in places where the sunlight is particularly intense.

Guaranteed quality

The high quality standards guaranteed by the LED Wall and other advertising devices produced and marketed by LED Display ensure considerable reliability even in the long term.

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