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Transparent LED screen

Transparent LED Wall
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LED Wall for shop windows

LED Wall for shop windows and agencies
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LED Display is a particularly competitive company thanks to the partnership with CPA Ltd of Hong Kong, a company that deals with the procurement of products directly with the factory in Hong Kong...
At the basis of product differentiation there are constant research and development applied to the electronic, electrical, mechanical, design engineering, LED Display tests the products coming from the Factory configures them with the...
The customer is supported in the various phases of the project analysis, identifies the product and initiates a consultancy useful to achieve the goal, all products are certified, projects and...
The LED screens, monitors, video walls and backlit panels, are always installed by a specialized staff, able to follow the customer even in the extended maintenance...
LED Display thanks to a stock availability of devices, Video Wall, Monitors, LED Wall and large modular backlit panels, is able to manage events, exhibitions, fairs and exhibitions...
LED Display is updated directly and constantly by the Factories on what's new to offer the market with innovative solutions in step with technology, always combined with the most advanced software and...

Our story

Our story begins in the East, when LED technology began to offer the world of communication new ideas and new strategies.

Drawing on the experience of experts in software for Digital Signage and for the management of multimedia programming and technicians specialized in the construction of structures and systems, we have created a team that develops solutions for corporate communication in every sector through LED technology products. United by an ambitious vision, our mission is to create an ad hoc project for each client that meets their needs and helps them achieve their goals.


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