Digital Menu Board

Digital Menu Board

LED Display provides professional products aimed at improving communication in restaurants, pubs, fast food, bars and all other activities in the catering sector. As a company specializing in the design of LED technologies, we provide these product categories with the increasingly popular Digital Menu Board.


Due to the widespread use of applications to order food from the comfort of home, even traditional restaurants are starting to consider digital techniques and strategies to be able to compete in the market. Digitization within the premises takes its first steps with the introduction of the so-called Digital Menu Boards, i.e. digital screens used to show customers images, product features, prices and any active promotions. Activities that use digital signage to display their menus will be able on the one hand to reduce customer dissatisfaction due to waiting times and on the other to increase customer interest.

Digital signage increases the level of communication with customers, improving the perception of the quality of products displayed through the digital menu board.

The most immediate consequence that can be seen through the achievement of a good level of communication between the activity and the customer is the improvement of the Customer experience, fundamental in the loyalty process.

The Menu Board is able to show perfect combinations of dishes, drinks, extra portions, sauces and so on, in order to stimulate the upselling without having to force the consumer to consult the paper menu or listen to the proposals of the person in charge.

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