Used or new LED Wall: why choose a "tailor-made" product?

Used or new LED Wall: why choose a "tailor-made" product?

LED Wall

LEDwall used or new: it's not just a question of price

Used LEDwall: those who decide to buy a big screen for their company often consider the possibility of choosing a second-hand item. When you decide to install this type of product, in fact, the price is the main (if not the only) factor that can slow down the purchase and since it is a relatively important expense it is right to evaluate all the options offered by the market. In order to orient yourself in the decision between a used LEDwall or a new one it is however important to consider a number of aspects.

Used or new LEDwall: performance comparison

First of all, as with any other purchase, it is important to assess the performance of a used LEDwall against that of a new product. LEDwalls have a very long average life, estimated around 11 years, so buying a second-hand one is a bit like taking a used car: it will surely work and be reliable for a long time, but it won't offer the same ones. performance of a brand new machine, nor will it have the same technological features.

LEDwall used or new: past use

Buyers of second-hand products should always have a good habit of inquiring about their first owner's use, whether maintenance has been carried out and whether repairs have been necessary. The most fitting comparison is still that of the used car: no one would buy a car used for work by a travelling salesman who has never made a coupon and had to replace the semi-axle due to a bad accident. Likewise, it is important to know not only how it was treated a used LEDwall, but also where it was placed (indoor/outdoor use) and how long it was used. A maxi-screen for indoor use used for years h24 in a shopping mall exposed to the weather, although of the highest quality, could for example give performance far below that expected.

LEDwall used or new: warranty, spare parts and installation

Before facing an expense of thousands of euros to buy a used LED screen, it is essential to make sure that this is covered by warranty. In addition, particular attention should be paid to ensuring that any of the following are available on the market spares...and possibly get them from the seller. Not to be overlooked are also the phases of disassembly from the old premises, the transport and the assembly at the new destination. All these operations must be carried out by specialised techniciansthat can guarantee theworkmanlike installation of the secondhand LEDwall.

Used or new LEDwall: the advantages of a "tailor-made" product

A LEDwall used in the window of a shopping mall pharmacy, no matter how well treated, is unlikely to meet the needs of a Disco on the beach. It probably won't even fit in the window of a pharmacy on a sunny street. Every professional quality LEDwall comes designed for be used in a certain context why its location also determines its specifications.


The brightnesswhich can also cause major price changesdepends, for example, on the position of the screen. If hit by direct sunlight an LEDwall must be at very high brightnessbecause otherwise it would be completely blurred (like a mobile phone on a sunny day) and therefore unusable. On the contrary, it makes no sense to spend a lot of money to install a high-brightness screen in a very dark provincial road, which would consume more energy than necessary and which would also risk annoying passing motorists at night.


A similar speech can be made for the resolution. It depends on pixel pitch and it comes designed according to viewing distance from which the screen will be observed. If this distance is large, the resolution will be low, but if the screen is seen very closely, high definition is required. Installing an LEDwall with a resolution that is not adequate for the viewing distance means at best spending a higher amount of money to buy a high definition product even for locations where it is not necessary. In the worst case, you end up with an advertising tool that transmits blurred, grainy or non-visible images: a bad investment in terms of image, and also paid a high price.


Choosing a second-hand LEDwall is of course also binding in terms of dimensionswill be those proposed by the seller. Since a LEDwall is a modular big screen made up of smaller panels, the modules, which are mounted on special structures called cabinets, by assembling more or less modules it is possible to create a literally "made to measure". This opportunity can become very relevant for all those projects where measurements are mandatory, for example if the screen is to be integrated into a niche or other pre-existing architectural part.


In conclusion: Buying a new LEDwall instead of a used one means choosing a very high level of customization in terms of brightness, resolution e dimensions. All these characteristics are fundamental for the product to operate in the context in which it is placed. Choosing a second-hand big screen means running the risk of incurring a very high cost for a product not suitable for its intended use.

LEDwall used or new: the LEDwall rental option

In many cases the decision to buy a used LEDwall instead of a new one is motivated by the need not to affect the budget of a company with a very important investment. The resulting savings, however, are not so considerable: the price of a second-hand screen is in any case in the order of thousands of euros (and tens of thousands for the larger and brighter ones).

An opportunity to be taken into consideration is the operating rental of the LEDwall, with possibility of final redemption. This option allows you to order a "tailor-made" product, designed according to the customer's needs and customized in terms of brightness, resolution and size. A brand new screen, in line with the latest technological developments, covered by warranty and with available spare parts, which is professionally installed by specialized technicians, able to intervene in case of need. With the operational rental to the buyer a perfectly customized LEDwall is provided to a sustainable fee from any companywith contracts up to 60 months (5 years). In addition, with the possibility of final redemption, the customer has the opportunity to buy "his" custom screen: the fees already paid are considered as installments already paidso the final price has no impact on the company's cash flow.

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