LED panels

LED panels

LED panels

LED backlit panels are the new frontier for displaying advertising messages in shop windows. LED technology makes it possible to backlight the contents through very thin panels (6/9/12mm) that contain a special ultra-reflective laser dotted acrylic screen, making them much more visible, day and night, compared to traditional window panels.

LED panels for shop windows has become, thanks to its brightness and versatility, a leader for Real Estate shop windows, pharmacies, banks, and shops that need to highlight an advertising message printed on backlit film, with high resolution and visual impact.

Thanks to the dotted technology makes them bright up to 5000 p.l. bright front and back, powered by 24 Voltage - only 8 mm thin, and exposed with a suspension system for windows or Wall type for interiors, the different sizes range from the smallest A4/A3 to A2/A1, up to the largest 70×100 or 10×140 cm.

In addition, there are banners of different sizes and custom designed for special needs, always with thin and bright thickness for Backlit prints.

Improve the communication of your ads with our LED light panel for real estate agencies and come and visit us in our show room where you will find all the available sizes and a stock always ready for delivery that allows us in just 7 days to set up your bright showcase.


- Real estate and tourism agencies
- Banks and insurance companies
- Business activities
- Hotels
- Shopping Centres
- Health and wellness centres and gyms
- Exhibitions, museums and fairs
- Cruise ships
- Pubs and restaurants, tasting taverns
- Bingo halls and betting
- Professional studios
- Offices, meeting rooms, entrances, show rooms


The LED light panel is the new frontier for the display of advertising messages in the window.

Made in 5 standard DoubleSide formats with black or white frame and 4 SingleSide "banner" formats for wall application, they allow you to organize the showcase according to your needs with a wide range of customization options.

All LED panels are designed to be hung from the ceiling using cables, installation is very simple and requires no special knowledge.
The LED backlit panels are modern, elegant and beautiful to look at and adapt to any architectural style.
The contents are printed with a normal inkjet printer on a white plastic support, which can be supplied separately, specially designed for backlighting, to obtain amazing results.

Specialized technicians for the assembly in a few hours realize the power supply network and the assembly all under Product and Service Warranty.

Light panel for shop windows

Some of the many compositions that we can make, we send the measurements of the showcases will help you to find the best solution.

LED Panels Composition A

LED Panels Composition B

LED Panels Composition C

LED Panels Composition D

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