Bright Panels

Bright Panels

LED backlit panels

LED backlit panels with aluminium profile are used for different applications, they have a different thickness of 40/60/80/100 mm and are suitable for every need, recommended for retail furniture, shop windows, show room interiors, shops and exhibition stands.

These LED panels are versatile and of easy assemblyThe brightness is calculated according to the thickness where a calculation in mm is applied so that the brightness of the print is exceptional.

The LEDs used in our luminous panels are among the most performing on the market and positioned on the backrest for the thinnest panels (40/60mm) while the linear positioning is used for the bi-faced (100mm). With this thickness you can produce panels from 0.50 cm to 18 sqm.

The print used is a fabric called Pearl, where a sheath is sewn into the profile to have a perfect pull effect and a very high quality image resolution.

LED Display is able to produce LED panels with aluminium profiles 20mm thick with the positioning of an acrylic panel on the side, useful to guarantee the brightness and thickness among the thinnest on the market up to sizes 150×150.

We also have big sizes, with 500/1000 mm modules. Available bi-faced models with linear LEDs, with printing on PVC and pearl type fabric.

A great novelty is represented by the modular panel useful for rental for events, fairs and exhibitions, so it is often useful to rent for a few days instead of buying structures that will then no longer be used.

So LED Display offers you a LED module measuring 50×100 and 50×50 cm, useful to be composed of any size you need.

Easy to assemble and equipped with all the supports for the different installations, this panel houses a fabric print with exceptional effects.

By visiting our Show Room we are able to show you all the types, a demo useful to identify the best solution for customers.

Special panel with RGB LEDs.

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