I modular LED advertising totems P2.5 are the latest addition to the house LED Display. It is a type of innovative public sector product consisting of a pre-assembled LED display very light and easy to manage. The product does not require specialized technicians for assembly and, once installed, can be managed easily and easily even by non-specialized personnel. Thanks to its very low weight, it can be moved easily even for long distances. Let's see in detail what it is, how it works and all the advantages that can be found in its use.

LED advertising totems

This LED monitor is a fully modular product. This means that it can be used individually or connected to other modules, up to a maximum of 10 units. Since each totem measures only 60×200 cm, its single use is indicated only for very confined spacesfor example, next to a shelf or in a poccile size display case. By integrating ten advertising screens, on the other hand, it is possible to obtain an Jumbo Screen of considerable size (6×2 m). Having two or more LED screens you can still configure the LED Wall of different sizes, compatibly with one's own communication needs. Below we list some of the main features of this product which is very much in demand in commercial activities.

Brightness and resolution

Characterized by a brightness of 1,000 cmd/sqm, the LED Wall Totem modular has a pitch of 2.5 mm, which ensures a very high resolution. With a minimum viewing distance of only 2 meters, is one advertising screen very suitable also for small spaces, such as the interior of a store, a window in a street with high pedestrian traffic, etc..

Ideal for Retail

Thanks to its technical features, the Modular Totem P2.5 is certainly an ideal product for Retail and is perfect for in-store communication. This LED Monitor ensures an engaging and impactful dialogue with the customer, who is engaged with content that is captivated at the very point where 75% of purchasing decisions are made: in front of the shelf. The LED Wall Totem modular 2.5 is, moreover, a very versatile product, buying more LED displays you can insert more touch points in the point of sale or create a unique Jumbo Screen for major campaigns. Finally, its management is very simple and intuitive. Through a software digital signage The LED Totem is easily programmable in real time and remotely by both store and headquarters staff, who can monitor marketing campaigns.

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